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Senin, 14 Februari 2011


in your daily life you you woul never describe about something what is its colour, his/her colour hair, his/her colour skin and etc. This is part of desriptive text guys.
Means of Desriptive text :
A text purpose to decribe something e.g particular , person , and others.

A text certainly have  generic structure. And this is Generic structure of Desriptive text :Identification : Introduction where or who is the subject being described.
Description : The supporting part of the paragraph to describe in detail to assist the reader to “see” and “feel” the subject, for example, the quality, appearance, uses, habits, and etc
tou can decribe about something.
example of desriptive text :
The horse is pretty and faithful animal to its master. Horses are found almost all over the world. Its body is covered with bright and short hair. There are many kind of horses in the world. They differ in size and colour. They horses is very clever. It sleeps standing and can run fast. Screensaver ofhorse is looks very nice.

While in language function, descriptive writing;

• Aims to show rather than tell the reader what something/someone is like
• Relies on precisely chosen vocabulary with carefully chosen adjectives and adverbs.
• Is focused and concentrates only on the aspects that add something to the main purpose of the description.
• Sensory description-what is heard, seen, smelt, felt, tasted.Precise use of adjectives, similes, metaphors to create images/pictures in the mind e.g. their noses were met with the acrid smell of rotting flesh.
• Strong development of the experience that “put the reader there” focuses on key details, powerful verbs and precise nouns.

Beyond the characteristics stated on, descriptive writing also consists of generic structure in range as:

1. General statement
2. Explanation
3. Closing

The description text has dominant language features as follows:

1. Using Simple Present Tense
2. Using action verbs
3. Using passive voice
4. Using noun phrase
5. Using adverbial phrase
6. Using technical terms
7. Using general and abstract noun
8. Using conjunction of time and cause-effect.

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